CSii has the support of two very strong host organizations, St Josephs Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University, who support our efforts by providing access to world-class facilities as well as opportunities to leverage strong proven clinical and research expertise to ensure that our goals will achieve a wide benefit to Canada.

St. Joseph's Hospital recently completed building of a new operating room block and have created specifically designed space for testing and clinical validation of CSii's new platforms. McMaster University is also in the midst of planning and building a 80,000 sq ft building at McMaster Innovation Park for "Emerging Technologies". It is hoped that the Newco for commercial production of CSii's system will be located in this new building.

Partnered with CSii through every step of this journey is MacDonald Dettweiler and Associates (MDA) who came on board four years ago as the primary corporate partner for our robotic development.  MDA has been a committed partner, offering not only their extensive robotics expertise, but knowledge and support in business planning, forecasting, market analysis, and government relations.  They are keenly invested in the success of CSii and plan to continue to partner with CSii to successfully launch our first commercial system, and to development and build of our future platforms.  

CSii has built ties with Hologic who have a significant global share of breast care business and imaging technologies for women's health, has offered CSii a direct access to the market for the commercial launch of our first system. The Centre has plans to expand our affiliations and partnerships (Stryker, Imris, Ethicon) to maximize our success as we move into building two new robots as well as launching additional new programs to improve care.

CSii also has fostered support and partnership of key academic leaders and organizations across Canada (Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta) and internationally (USA, France, Netherlands, Israel).  Joint research projects have been established with two other CECR organizations (CPDC at McMaster and Centre for Imaging Technology at Robarts), which should assist with the development of two of our future commercial products. The relationship with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario has allowed CSii to gain much insight into implementation of new technologies and techniques in clinical setting in our largest province. Similar relationships with Ministries of Health across Canada (Quebec, Alberta, BC) are under development.