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Clinical Division

The Clinical Division of CSii spans the diverse and complex areas of research and development undertaken by CSii with our associated partners.

Our clinical trials validate the novel IGAR robotic systems as they evolve to include new iterations of IGAR that are both tele-operable and autonomous. Partnerships with MDA and IBM are critical to the development of IGAR and to the clinical research undertaken to develop new products that support our goals of increasing access to healthcare and establishing a superior high value medical technology industry for Canada.

The Ontario Bariatric Network (OBN) has developed and flourished with the guidance and coordination of the OBN team supporting sites throughout the province, working with experts to create best practices and support for the network of healthcare professionals working to combat the problems associated with obesity and the comorbidities that are common to the condition.

The ECHO OBN program developed by the Ontario Bariatric Network, provides support to primary care practitioners for the complex problems associated with managing patients after bariatric surgery by providing educational support by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and clinical support from best practices developed.