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About Us

In 2009 the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii) was granted $15 million by the Network Centres of Excellence CECR program to establish a non-for-profit research incubator, to leverage Canadian investment in space technology for use in the development of Image Guided Automated Robotics (IGAR) and support the research and development of IP generated by researchers in the field of medical robotics and related technologies.

Since its inception CSii has the support of two very strong host organizations, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster University, both of whom support CSii’s efforts by providing access to world-class facilities as well as opportunities to utilize strong proven clinical and research expertise to ensure that our goals will achieve a wide benefit to Canada.

St. Joseph's Hospital provided space for testing and clinical validation of CSii's new platforms. McMaster University is in the midst of planning and building an 80,000 sq. ft building at McMaster Innovation Park for "Emerging Technologies". It is hoped that commercial production of CSii's systems will be located in this new building.

CSii also has fostered support and partnership of key academic leaders and organizations across Canada (Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta) and internationally (USA, France, Netherlands, Israel). 

The relationship with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of Ontario has allowed CSii to gain much insight into implementation of new technologies and techniques in clinical setting in our largest province. Similar relationships with Ministries of Health across Canada (Quebec, Alberta, BC) are under development.

By using AI to synergize all expert human knowledge into a system capable of independent diagnosis, planning, and action, we can transform the screening and diagnosis of most common cancers and provide immediate necessary care in cases of trauma where limited access to experts is available. This will significantly enhance access for Canadians to high-quality care irrespective of where they live.

In addition, the successful completion of this project will inspire a new era of healthcare technologies and solidify Canada’s leadership in the field of robotics, AI, and associated new technologies in addition to creating high value jobs.

Partnered with CSii through every step of this journey is MDA (formerly MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates) who came on board as the primary corporate partner for our robotic development. MDA has been a committed partner, offering not only their extensive robotics expertise, but knowledge and support in business planning, forecasting, market analysis, and government relations. They are keenly invested in the success of CSii and plan to continue to partner with CSii to successfully launch our first commercial system, and to development and build of our future platforms.  

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The CSii – MDA jointly owned start-up, Insight Medbotics Incorporated (Medbotics), will create over 100 high tech jobs in Southern Ontario and Canada, attract bright and talented engineers and physicians, and facilitate the training of scores of highly qualified individuals. 

In addition to the partnership of the co-founders, Insight Medbotics Incorporated is working to establish partnerships in distribution (GE Healthcare, Stryker, Hologic, others) as well as therapeutic device manufacturers (Sanarus and others). Insight Medbotics Incorporated will address a global market and will be exporting via subsidiaries and partnerships to US and European markets.

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An ongoing partnership with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has enabled CSii to develop IGAR’s tele operable capabilities which will provide greater healthcare access to Canadians living in remote areas of the country. CSii completed the development of IGAR, a propriety robotic platform with image guidance and automation capabilities and software architecture that supports tele-operation.

Partnership and funding from CSA have also fueled the Deep Learning project undertaken by CSii and IBM which has enabled the team to develop autonomous IGAR technology which requires no human intervention. These systems will expedite the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast and prostate cancer—the most common cancers affecting women and men worldwide.

The group aims to collaborate with the Canadian Space Agency to build a fully autonomous robot capable of diagnosis and treatment of a number of medical/surgical emergencies that could be encountered on long space missions, particularly on a journey to MARS (2-2.5 years duration). Such a system will advance Canada’s stated position to take a leadership role in the provision of medical/surgical care of the crew in future long-term space missions (CSA Deep Space Report, 2017).

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