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IGAR Clinical Trials 

Following a successful phase I trial, in 2018 CSii concluded a dual arm multi-site Phase II clinical trial. In this study, 48 patients were consented, 21 had a successful IGAR biopsy, 20 had a successful manual biopsy, 3 were converted from IGAR to manual and 4 had their procedures cancelled due to reasons unrelated to IGAR.  

Results from these trials show that IGAR-Breast is capable of safely, accurately and effectively working in an MRI environment.

IGAR for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer  

CSii’s primary R&D focus has been the development and testing of an Image Guided Automated Robotic (IGAR) Breast Biopsy device to increase the effectiveness of surgical care and treatment for breast cancer patients. CSii has created partnerships with other experts in academia in Ontario, Canada and globally to develop an image guided medical robotic platform that will have the flexibility to perform a significant number of procedures in diverse environment types.