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Obesity (Background) 

In recent decades, obesity has become a worldwide issue. Obesity has rapidly developed into a major global public health challenge. Canada is not alone in observing increases in obesity, approximately 24% of adults are obese One in four Canadian adults (estimates range from 24.3%-25.4%) are obese, according to measured height and weight data from 2007-2009. 

Obesity is an important population health concern and the causes of, and the contributing factors obesity are complex and multifaceted. Current evidence also suggests that people who are severely obese have a greater risk of premature mortality, with an increased risk of major chronic diseases as such heart disease, diabetes, depression and many types of cancers. Bariatric surgery has proven to be an effective treatment for obesity and the related metabolic complications. 

The impact of obesity in Canada has been a financial burden, with an aggregated annual cost of obesity between 1.27 to 11.08 billion dollars. 

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Ontario Bariatric Network

 In 2008, the bariatric services strategy was announced by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), with a committed to increase the number of bariatric surgeries in Ontario. Under the stewardship of Dr Mehran Anvari, the Ontario Bariatric Network was created, with comprehensive bariatric Centres across the province. Currently there are over 4000 surgeries and 1800 medically supervised care for obese individuals performed annually.

Provincial Bariatric Centres

In 2010, the OBN established a centralized referral process for bariatric surgery, in partnership with the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii) and the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), to standardize the patient referral process provincially.  

The OBN improved access to bariatric treatment through the expansion of bariatric CentresThe OBN has now created an extensive network of 13 Bariatric Centres (9 Bariatric Centres of excellence & 2 Regional Assessment Treatment Centres) across the province.

  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton 
  • Guelph General Hospital 
  • The Ottawa Hospital 
  • Humber River Hospital 
  • Toronto Western Hospital 
  • Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre 
  • Kingston Health Sciences Centre 
  • London Health Sciences Centre 
  • Unity Health Toronto 
  • Health Sciences North Sudbury 
  • Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Windsor 

More Bariatric Information

The Bariatric Registry is a multi-centre, database registry designed to collect standardized information on patients who are undergoing bariatric treatment at the bariatric Centres throughout Ontario through the collaborative work with Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) 

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The Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) is an internationally recognized global health research institute of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences specializing in large clinical trials and population studies. Originally formed with a focus on cardiovascular disease and diabetes, PHRI’s research areas have broadened to include population genomics, perioperative medicine, stroke, thrombosis, cardiac surgery, renal disease, obesity, and other areas. PHRI has developed expertise in epidemiology, population health, clinical trial methodology, and patient and citizen engagement in research, as well as in the examination of biological, social, and environmental determinants of health. 

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