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Vision and Mission


The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii) is a Networks of Centres of Excellence research accelerator committed to enhancing the quality and access to healthcare for all Canadians through the development and commercialization of innovative medical robotic technologies and novel techniques. CSii is leveraging Canadian expertise in minimal access surgery and space technology to build a legacy industry that will create high tech jobs, strengthen the economy, create better medical outcomes and provide support for future space missions. 


The Mission of the Centre is to leverage Canada’s lead in space robotics and minimally invasive surgery in order to develop, translate and commercialize a new class of novel robotic systems and tools to dramatically improve patient outcomes by enabling more targeted, less invasive procedures. The Centre will be multidisciplinary and take advantage of the medical, engineering, biological, information technology and systems integrations expertise at McMaster and across Canada to develop image guided medical robotic platforms so as to provide the best quality surgical options to Canada’s population.