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“The CSii Board is pleased to welcome the appointment of Paul Chipperton to the position of CEO and President of Insight Medbotics Canada Corp (IMCC).  His experience in life sciences, business and academia coupled with impressive leadership skills will help Insight Medbotics to realize it’s goals of successfully commercializing and marketing current and future IGAR products designed to provide precision diagnostics and treatment of diseases.”

Terry Finley, Chair, Board of Directors, CSii

“The appointment of Paul Chipperton as President and CEO for Insight Medbotics heralds the convergence of the right person at the right time.  He is positioned to achieve the ambitions and potentially game changing goals that CSii has for revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.  Under his direction, Insight Medbotics will take IGAR technology to market and in the process advance the medical capabilities of healthcare globally.”

Dr. Mehran Anvari, Scientific Director, Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii)

Please click here to view the Insight Medbotics media release.

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