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The 2024 Innovation Nation Conference will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2024. Save the Date!

Innovation Nation would like to invite university, college and high school students to showcase their most innovative class science projects or science fair entries. This year there will be exhibition space provided for innovative science/tech projects of all types undertaken by Canadian students.  

The showcase will be in a science-fair format. Each individual/team will be provided with a table to display their project. Conference participants and speakers will be visiting each table and submit ballots for the best project. 

The designs should be forward thinking, embody ideas that are both transformational and unique, have functionality demonstrating ease of use and a practical application in the real world. Innovations must be presented by one (or more) members of each team entered in the event.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas to leaders of science, industry and academia! 

Register below to be a part of the Student Innovation Showcase. 
Registration deadline is September 15, 2024.


At Innovation Nation you’ll hear keynote speeches from nationally and internationally acclaimed innovators who inspire us to do our part to create a better world, to cultivate new ideas and find innovative solutions that will turn our goals into a new reality. 

Conference participants will have the opportunity to network with researchers, business and industry experts and innovators who are presently redefining our world. 

Let your ideas shine!  Register today by filling out the form below to be a part of the Innovation Showcase! 

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On Sunday, October 27 the doors to LiUNA Station will open at 7:30am. Parking is free!  You can access the exhibit space via the main doors to set-up, please ensure that your exhibit is ready before the conference opens at 8:30am so that participants can view your exhibit on the way into the Grand Central Ballroom. 

We will provide you with an 8-foot skirted table and chairs.  Please let us know if you require access to a power source and bring any extension cords you may require. 

Please forward a photo of your team/yourself and, if possible, a photo of your innovation, invention or science project to Debra Vivian at dvivian@stjosham.on.ca by September 15.