CSii Robotic Division

The Robotic Division unit is dedicated to product development, market analysis and commercialization support for surgical robotic technologies. The primary product under development is the IGAR robotic platform that will enable automated image-guided minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of various conditions.

CSii has researched and patented IGAR applications for a number of clinical indications. The first development in this area is the IGAR Breast Robot, a precision placement platform,  that will enable real-time biopsy and potentially, therapy of suspected breast lesions in an MRI system.  It will have benefits for the patient (less pain, accuracy, faster treatment), the physician (skill enabler, real-time approach), and the hospital (fewer patients to the OR, faster biopsy time).

Future applications of the IGAR platform may include:

  • Image-guided interventions using ultrasound or MRI-ultrasound fusion
  • Ablation of the lesion (by cryotherapy or an alternative technology)
  • Radioactive seed localization to tag the lesion for surgical removal
  • Tele-operability; allowing radiologists to biopsy and treat patients in remote locations


Based on the maturity of the current product development, CSii and MDA have created their first spinoff; Insight Medbotics Canada Corporation (IMCC). IMCC was created in November 2017 as the commercialization vehicle for the IGAR platform.
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IGAR Abstract

An image-guided automated robot from MRI breast biopsy in THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERY Int J Med Robotics Comput Assist Surg 2016 Published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) DOI; 10.1002/res.1760 ORIGINAL ARTICLE

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