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Outreach Programs

The Innovation Nation Conference is produced by, the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii), a nationally funded Centre of Excellence. 

The 2024 Innovation Nation Conference and Student Innovation Showcase will focus on innovation in science, the arts and technology from past, present and future perspectives to facilitate the exchange of ideas and concepts that will help to create a new generation of innovative products, solutions and cultural endeavours. 

Innovation Nation is designed to encourage and promote the development of innovation in all of its forms and endeavours to showcase the work of leading innovators and promising new innovators who are presently redefining and redesigning our world. 

Participants are provided with the opportunity to network with industry experts, peers and members of government, science, healthcare, academia and the arts. The event also providerecognition for innovative Canadian pioneers who have laid the foundation for the development of inventions and innovations that have changed our world. 

The Student Innovation Showcase is designed to create a forum where high school, college and university students can present their innovations to prestigious industry experts for the opportunity to win prizes and network with leading members of business and industry. 

Innovation Nation seeks to inspire us to create viable solutions to issues facing healthcare, science, research, engineering and the aerospace industries. Innovation strengthens our economy, creates jobs and enhances our reputation as a world leader in cultural and economic pursuits. Cultivating and unleashing our innovative potential will help to build a stronger Canada and have a global impact.