Clinical Leaders

Clinical Advisory Group

A clinical advisory group for IGAR breast has been composed and regularly consulted, giving medical and scientific expertise in their respective fields.

Dr. Nathalie Duchesne is a Breast radiologist, at Hopital du Saint-Sacrement, in Quebec City and an Academic Clinical Associate Professor at Universite Laval.  Dr. Duchesne has been working in breast imaging and intervention since 1996 and is a pioneer in vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, having done many world and Canadian premieres for various devices.

Dr. Peter Lovrics, the head of general surgery and medical director of the ICU at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, has performed a clinical trial of a new technique of seed localization, using a radioactive “seed” to locate and identify the lesion, Dr. Loveric is quoted as saying, “With IGAR we have the ability to make the next step and use MRI guidance to place the seed in certain types of cancer that are invisible to ultrasound and x-ray mammography. We believe this will play a vital role for surgical guidance in excisional biopsy and breast conserving lumpectomy procedures.”

Dr. Kathy Schillingmedical director of Breast Imaging & Interventionat the Center for Breast Carein Boca Raton, Florida is also an integral part of the clinical advisory group. Dr. Schilling is well recognized as a leading clinician in the area of breast therapeutics. Her experience in breast MRI, and understanding of unique patient sensitivities have provided the IGAR team with both process and market insight into the way IGAR will integrate into the clinical environment.   The Boca Centre is one of the largest private clinics in North America, and will serve as a leading centre in the United States for the evaluation of the IGAR clinical system.

Dr. Julian DobranowskianAssociate Clinical Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at McMaster University, the Director and Founder of the Centre of Radiological Anatomy, the Provincial Medical Imaging Lead for Cancer Care Ontario and the National Chair of the Canadian Association of Radiologists. Dr.Dobranowski continues to serves as the Clinical Lead for the IGAR Breast Investigation Team. His extensive experience in diagnostic imaging has proven critical in the correct definition of patient care pathways and clinical requirements for the breadboard prototype.   His involvement has also allowed CSii to quickly access top diagnostic imaging experts throughout the province. Dr. Dobranowski’s involvement has provided input into the 3D imaging system for IGAR that will enhance clinician experience,

Dr. Colm Boylan, is also a noteworthy clinical advisor, as theChief of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Dr. Boylan’s research interests are in thoracic and breast imaging, specifically new CT and MRI techniques and image-guided procedures. 

Dr. Ananth Ravi, is the clinical operations lead of brachytherapy services at Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre.

Dr Andrew Loblaw, is a Radiation Oncologist, Clinician Scientist, and Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Dr Loblaw’s clinical practice and research interest focus on improving outcomes for men with prostate cancer and the healthcare system.

Dr. Calvin Law, is the Chief, Edmond Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario.