IGAR Robot Development

Advanced Robotics in Medicine
IGAR development will yield benefits to Canada

In the past two decades major breakthroughs in the use of minimally invasive surgical (MIS) and radiological interventions have been made that reduce the pain, morbidity and recovery period associated with many surgical procedures. MIS techniques now allow patients to undergo many surgeries as outpatients, including surgeries such as bowel or prostate resection for cancer.

With appropriate introduction of new technology we may be able to continue this growth and significantly improve the quality and access to care, as well as reduce the cost of healthcare by minimizing hospital stay and post-operative recovery.

In contrast to large operations, these goals can be achieved by developing more targeted, less invasive therapies performed on an outpatient basis or during short hospital admissions. The application of advanced robotics to medicine has the potential to extend the capabilities of interventional and diagnostic healthcare professionals through increased access, precision and dexterity. Technological advancements in this area will enable highly effective patient treatment to minimize the trauma associated with accessing the treatment site in the body.

The Image Guided Autonomous Robot (IGAR) is the first robotic platform to be developed by CSii. 

The promotion of Canadian talent in the development and use of robotics in patient care is paramount to the CSii mission.   The IGAR project will foster Canadian Highly Qualified People HQP development among the diverse members of the Clinical Advisory Group directing robotic development, as well as the management team leading the new company created. Additionally, it will create new avenues for medical research in Canada to validate new technologies entering the market.

In addition, the pipeline created by the development of the IGAR project will serve to inspire further Canadian partnership between engineers, clinicians and industry partners to create very applicable and effective, cost-conscious technologies.

The project will produce manufacturing opportunities for Canadian based manufacturing firms and create cost effective solutions to improve healthcare for Canadians.

Early prototype development for the IGAR project