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Statement From The Chair of The Board

September 28, 2009

The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation is a reality because of the vision and passion of Dr. Mehran Anvari, for advanced surgical tools.  As a highly skilled surgeon, he envisaged that these tools would help to increase the capability of surgeons, reduce the trauma and recovery times for patients and increase the surgical success.  This centre sets out to develop image guided medical robotic platforms that can be tailored to specific surgical applications.  The fact that it is led by a highly skilled and very determined user is a very significant advantage.  This is an advantage that can also facilitate the validation and approval processes which are an important aspect of this venture.

The greatest challenge of this CECR, as I see it, will be realizing successful commerce.  The demand for these tools as they are developed will be global.  To meet that demand will require partners with global reach in medical applications.  The tools themselves will be composed of components that will require the collaboration of several commercial partners in order to capitalize on existing technology and skills.  This is essential because the time to significant revenue needs to be short.  We have little experience in doing this or in pragmatically tailoring our expectations for real success.  We are working on all the challenges and on setting realistic goals for success in this plan.  We have the elements defined and a collaborative spirit in the centre and with the partners.  It is early days but I am confident we will break the new ground needed not just technically but organizationally and functionally to succeed.

H. Douglas Barber, O.C., Ph.D., D.Se., F.C.A.E., P.Eng.